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Vision & Mission
In a time when marketing results in armies of creative writers creating mission statements that are a true challenge to the reader and are based on the will to fill a page with information that is either not needed, wanted or based on fiction, the Global Exhibit Alliance members have not forgotten what business they are actually in. Our industry is a service industry and we happen to create marketing concepts, design exhibits and provide the services needed to have successful presentations on the world stage. The Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager of a large electronics and computer corporation once said to one of our members "We very much appreciated how your team became part of our team. There was no them and us". Or,there was our Japanese member, where the president of the company ventured out, bought an espresso machine and served espresso and cappuccino at a client's booth for the duration of the show. The results were outstanding and that extra "service Mile" resulted in extended client meetings and a relaxed and confident atmosphere. There are many more examples of how action is more important than a writer's idea about what service should be and often, a gesture weighs more than a big investment. What makes the members of the GEA different is, that management and owners take personal interest in each and every aspect of their company's activities and that they make themselves available to all clients. They recognize the value of good employees and good employees recognize the value of a good company. The vision of the GEA is simply that we want to continue to provide the best services possible, to make the experience of exhibiting a memorable one, and to never stop creating situations that clearly benefit all our clients around the globe. We want to do our job perfectley, so that our clients can do theirs. GEA members can rely on each other, so that our clients can rely on us. GEA members trust each other, so that our clients can trust us. And, the GEA members want to continue to be successful, which is only possible if our clients are successful. We clearly recognize that without you, there would not be us.