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GEA247 is a unique group of exhibit and event designers and producers. Privately held, they are operated by people that do understand the nature of the business and the importance of impeccable services delivered to clients. They have a background in design, event productions, exhibit manufacturing, advertising and web design. Many years ago they have recognized the great importance of ongoing communication between them and with it the importance of trust and business ethics. They clearly understand that their success is based on the success of their customers, the exhibitors.

Over the past two decades we have seen the ever increasing number of venture capitalist involvement  which has only one goal in mind; maximazing profits based on minimizing investment and thus keeping their stake holders happy. This often resulted in interesting marketing schemes and reduction of actual services replaced by lip service.  Is it important to pick up an important client with a stretch limousine when in the end the client is paying for that "service" anyway ?

Furthermore, we have seen increasing establishment of international associations, affiliations and claims to be represented in basically any country anywhere in the world. While some of it may be true, it has rarely resulted in true cooperation between established partners. It has resulted in exhibit companies looking for other and new partners abroad  based on where their client would want to participate at a convention. It leads to re-inventing partnerships every time, it leads to adventures which can be extremely costly.  Member of such an organization or not, it is not much different from finding a new partner in international directories and entering into a business deal without the assurance and certainty, that each new partner will actually perform as expected.  It should not be forgotten that in our electronic age, even the 2 person company can appear on the web like the 500 Mio Company.

The GEA is clearly different.  Members have proven to each other over and over again that they are leaders in servicing and supporting clients. They have proven to each other and clients that they are trustworthy and will not stop until clients are totally satisfied. They draw from the knowledge of all individual GEA members and share the resources available to them. And lastly, they do indeed recognize that their pure presence does not entitle them to financial rewards. Financial rewards are based on performance and value added to each individual job.  This is unique simply because the international standard is based on a fixed mark-up structure that "entitles" any third party to at least 30% of the value delivered.  Even companies with their own foreign sales offices or partnerships see these as independent profit centers and add anywhere from 30 to even 60% to the cost of the exhibit.

GEA is about fair pricing that reflects the actual services provided and value added by individual members.   The GEA advantage is clearly transparency and accountability when it comes to financial matters and of course, outstanding customer service and loyalty. Lastly, owner involvement in the daily business activities of GEA member companies  makes flexibility and on-the-spot decisions possible and easy.