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Controlled growth with a unique alliance between the leading exhibits and supporting industries is the core objective of GEA. It signifies a true relationship between the companies that have proven their leadership to their clients in the field of expertise and geographical areas. And in order to maintain the quality and membership of the alliance, the membership process has been built up distinctively.  It is based on recommendation, invitation and acceptance by the majority of the members. As a result there is no membership fee involved in it and it¹s impossible for any company to buy it and promote their business under the prestigious signature of GEA.
Likewise the majority of members can vote to revoke the membership of a company that no longer fulfills the basic requirements of GEA. The GEA would like to accept its members that compliment the range of GEA services by the nature of their business and offer real value to the customers.
In today¹s jungle of intertwined businesses, hidden accounting methods and fragile affiliations, GEA wants to establish trust and transparency and make the clients feel good about their decision to work with the GEA companies. Drawing inspiration from each other's experience and expertise, all GEA members want to constantly improve the level of services provided to their clients and share the available resources.
At GEA we strive for 100% success rate for our customers because it will guarantee the role of GEA as a true partner across the world. GEA 24X7 stands for being available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.