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International Consulting and Convention Services

Hans E. Mecker
President North America

3935 Wentworth Drive
Arlington, TX 76001

Phone:  +1 817 563 1334
Mobile: +1 817 703 8744
Fax: +1 817 561 1561

ICCS is a consulting firm that has been assisting companies with gaining higher exposure at trade shows and in foreign markets since 1991. ICCS is known for answering common challenges with uncommon strategies and has improved visitor frequency in an extreme case by 270 %.
The new ICCS logo was designed 6 years ago by a 4 year old girl in Lucca, Italy; it symbolizes the breaking free from the "in the box" view of many of today's companies.

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ICCS has been working with and for some of the world's leading exhibit companies as well as
companies like American and Delta Airlines, Disney, Texas Instruments/DLP , Hughes, Raytheon,
Hoechst, L3 , Fuji , Mitsubishi, Sumitomo and many more. Among the highlights were world sponsor
involvement with the Olympics and negotiations with the IOC and NOAC. ICCS has trained and instructed many of the now internationally successful sales people in the exhibit industry .
ICCS provides country specific exhibit design , involves, as the agent for leading exhibit companies,
the best production choice for each project and manages each project from beginning to successful
execution on the show floor.
ICCS provides complete services which include social programs, special events and if needed,
hotel and travel recommendations.
ICCS offers booth staffing in areas considered unsafe for corporate staff.
ICCS provides insight into country specific customs and cultural differences.
ICCS can assist with logistics planning and choosing the best international shipping companies.
ICCS will find cost conscious production alternatives by employing a vast network of offshore production
ICCS will create memorable marketing strategies for any occasion.
ICCS knows and has demonstrated that every detail is important and pays attention to many things
that are often overlooked and will impact the success of a trade show. 
ICCS is as unique as the clients we serve. We know that there is no "one-size-fits-all" and we do not cut corners by repetition of successful concepts.