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Garcia Merou 875, 1640 Martinez
Buenos Aires

Tel./Fax: (0054) 11 4 717-2208; (0054) 11 4 717-0036
Mobile: (0054) 9  11 5 772-7974

We are a total and complete service company.  At Projektbuero, service is not a department, but an attitude.

For over 20 years, Projektbuero has serviced clients from around the globe. Government pavilions, large two story structures, small back drops or just banners and point of purchase displays, we have done it all. In addition, we will plan, organize and execute your special event; from corporate party, to product roll out or just team building, you can leave it in the capable hands of our specialists and later enjoy the catered specialties from Argentina, South America or other regions of the world.

A team of experienced analysts, extremely creative 3-D and graphics designers, well educated and trained craftsmen in their areas of expertise,  and lastly the on-site technicians form a well greased mechanism that will result in flawless performance and successful events for our clients. The owner of the company is directly involved in all aspects of the daily business and takes charge wherever needed. He is always available to his clients and any decision can be made quickly and reliably. He grew up in the service industry and understands what is needed to establish lasting relationships with customers. He is on your side !

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We are……. a team of practical people with academic formation – a trustworthy
associate for our clients, with more than 20 years of experience at a national
and international level.

We plan, develop and organize the participation and presentation of your
company in symposiums, expositions, releases and social events.

We are prepared to present, advise on, provide and coordinate corporate event
stages. Design, construction, lighting , digital equipment, graphic design, staff
and catering.

System Stands
From the ideational stage to its concretion, with the stand's key in your hands,
we offer solutions and concepts for architectural publicity.

The project of the fair stand is designed in permanent coordination with our clients.
From the sketch and the model to the punctual delivery through the most
diverse systems. Our experience in the construction of stands guarantees premium
quality. All the necessary materials are prepared by a specialized staff in our studio.

Conventional Sand Building
Architectural designs that underline the company’s message and present the
Products or services in convincing ways in expositions, fairs or symposiums.
Associates in Latin America, USA, Europe and Asia.

Integral service  through only one provider. We solve all the items of your
Promotional event.

 Standard units for small surfaces with modules and basic equipment.
Our system enables the construction of the same stand all over the world through
the net.

A point of purchase is designed to highlight and make the product's image.
The functionality, durability and simplicity of the stand's assembling and
Disassembling properties are also highly important. 

The graphic design department translates the concept into direct communication
with the client. All the works are developed with the assistance of
state-of-the-art technology.

Variety of supports
• Posters and  brochures
• Banners and flags
• Backlights
• Large format graphics
• p.o.p. materials

Different printing systems
• Plotter
• Serial graphics
• Offset